Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Moved over to wordpress

Heya everyone!
I've moved to wordpress: http://yaseennz.wordpress.com/

Seems the problems with blogger are continuing on and off.
So see you over at the new blog!

Cheers, Ilka

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I can blog again!

Murphy's Law in action LOL! Finally the internet seems to have decided to grace us with more frequent connections but blogspot was steadily refusing me any access to my account or others.
So I spent ages yesterday making a new blog on wordpress and battling with Flickr. Why dont they just call it Fickl ;p No clue why some photos show and others dont.
Today after reading Bev's encouraging post on the
SBO Forum (thanks Bev!!!) I decided to try one last time to get that flippin access. And lo and behold I got it to work in the end, no clue exactly how and what was wrong in the first places LOL!Woohooo!!!somehow I got the blogspot access back!!!
Seems my online life will creep back;p
It's been so long - I had to take down my x-mas logo LOL!

Anyways here are some pics of the alpha letter that I made for Ronja's Birthday:

They are so much fun to make! Soon everyone in our family will have one!
Got a few ideas for some mini album and other OTP stuff. So hopefully more to show soon!
Thanks for popping by!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Busy but good!

What was I thinking when I thought after the audit things would calm down? *laughs*
Since scrap camp I have had hardly any time to scrap. Been working flat out and this week we finally had the first public show at the theatre on Thursday night. All went really well and the guys were simply amazing! Work on Friday was a bit of a blurr after so little sleep. Another show tomorrow but today is my day off. Rainer and I enjoyed spending time together and went for a long lunch to Sorelle's.

My computer had caught some viruses so more troubles with going online etc but we fixed that today. I am sooooooooooooooooo happy about that!

Somehow I managed to squeeze in 2 LO's into last week.
Here's my
NZ Dare entry for the ad inspiration challenge. Rainer took these pictures on mother's day and I love them. Journaling tags say: we smile together; we argue, make up; we growl , we laugh; we grump, we talk; we hug, we kiss; weagree or not; we love each other; Everyday is Mother's day.
Aren't those buttons cool, picked them up for peanuts at a local craft shop. Arrows 0.o

And my entry for SE's November challenge -use your own handwriting . Since I use my own handwriting a lot I tried to challenge myself with a LO style/colours I would not usually do. Honestly I look at it and dont know what to make of it ;p

Hope you all have a great weekend and find some time to PLAY!
Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, November 27, 2006


Ooopsiedoo, somehow I seem to have turned the comments allowed button off.. no clue how that happened. So my apologies to everyone! I do like to get your comments!!!
Had a full on day today, it's gonna be a week like that. The drama group at work has their shows this week. Thurs night and sunday afternoon. So since last week we have rehearsed in the theatre. It's going well but oh boy it's gonna be a long week!
Time for a coffee and a smoke!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Weekend almost over

First a thank you for all your comments. Sure nice to read!

Gosh doesn't time fly by when you're having fun... My friend Verna - Leigh and I had a real girly day yesterday- shop til you drop! It was a blast - even with feet smoking at the end of the day ;p Verna-Leigh was looking for an outfit to wear to her son's wedding. We started in Puke at Caroline Eve's where Verna tried every single skirt they had..only about 30 or 40 skirts and some dresses for good measure too. But bought none- not for lack of trying, just the good looking ones were not 'formal' enough.
We learned heaps about what styles suited her and armed with that knowledge hit Manukau. No shop was safe from us ;p She was so lucky and found a gorgeous cute red/black dress with some sequins - is there another bling queen in the making? that was even decently priced. So having saved some $'s we had to drop in on a fashion jewellery shop to get a necklace and some earrings - definately a bling queen in the making! *coughs* fine I admit it I couldn't resist a little bling bracelet. Exhausted and happy I collapsed on the sofa at 7 pm or so;p
Woke this morning with a sore throat and slightly hoarse- what timing.. with a full weeks work coming up. That'll be interesting.
Finished Melissa's cj today and spend quite some time in bed today. Have to get me some meds tomorrow.

Oh thought you might like to see some LO's from scrap camp.
My first ever 1 hour challenge that I actually completed in 1 hour! Was thinking of working some more on it but then decided to keep it as a keepsake.

Another challenge LO - use 75% of product given. At first I was a bit put off by the frilly paper and the cream lace - not exactly teenage boy material...But the reverse side was nicely distressed so used that mainly, inked the lace and another cream ribbon black. Used 2 ribbons woven through holes at the top of LO and that grunge lace at the bottom. Then cut out some arrows - a gal gotta give into her obsessions sometimes;p Am happy with the result. Chris didnt complain about the lace and said it looks ok - so all's well.

Time for bed! Wish you all a great start to the week!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Hmm beta blog...

My day off today. Decided to clean up. My scrap room looks like a tornado went through *coughs* and the rest of the house is not far behind. Then got sidetracked catching up on all the blogs while fighting with the constant disconnects from my internet. It really is starting to peeve me off!

Somehow I ended up switching to beta blog... why oh why??? Some alien must have possessed me temorarily or maybe I had an early senior moment ;p Now I am confused and clueless, cant put my slideshows back etc. Only thing I got to work was a new title. Inspired by some early x-mas feelings. Guess I will figure things outin time. LOL Anything to avoid cleaning up .. bad bad me!

Late in the afternoon I realized the fortnightly challenge at SE was due today. Stipulates we need to use journaling strips. I used arrows as my journaling strips - cut from that cool Sassfrass pp I bought at scrap camp. Describing the camp and the gals with all sorts of adjectives, cool, amazing, fabulous etc. Am a bit obsessed with arrows at the moment;p Wish the photo had turned out better. Maybe I'll try take another one tomorrow.
Here it is:

Ooops - almost 1 am. Better race to bed - work tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Fantastic Scrap Camp

Scrap camp was simply amazing!!!
Lucky me hitched a ride with Kelly, who is such a good safe driver. On the way we picked up Steph and arrived right on time at camp.
It was so wonderful to meet the gals from SBO. Such a lovely bunch of women and so talented too!
Green theme night- from left
Stephanie, me, Delys, Kelly, Bev, Kirsty
There were 2 classes. Card making by Nic - made such beautiful cards and Faye had us distressing, inking and abusing our papers to our hearts content! There were challenges and quite a few prizes up for grabs. Our table was right into the challenges. Hey with Delys, Kelly and Bev on it what 'd ya expect! Amazingly I got my 1 hour challenge completed - thats a first! There was also good time to just scrap and meet people. Not that I got all that much done - but I knew that prior. It was so cool to meet up with Michelle TW, Sandra ,Tracey ( my fellow smoker;p) and Lisa from scrapbooking by design. What a bunch of fantastic females!
Guess by now everyone knows I stayed up all night on Friday and until 2 am on Sat!!! I know crazy me! But oh boy did I crash once back home..lol fell asleep around 7 pm after work for the next 2 days. Hmm I guess my body is not 20 anymore, somehow I had forgotten that;p
Lianne and Yolande did a fantastic job and I want to thank you for all the effort and hard work you put in!

0 o
Lisa and Tracey Green Mushroom Fairy- love this pic that Kelly took of me!

The gals at 'work'

Kolourful Kelly and bling bling Bev!

The delightful Delys and sweet Stephanie!
Our scrap table gals outside - thanks to Michelle TW for taking the photo!
from back: me and Kelly, Bev, Delys, Kirsty, front Steph
Hopefully tomorrow I can check out all the blogs! Internet is once again madly yoyo-ing am really loosing my patience with our ISP. Thank goodness the blog posts can be saved as a draft or I'd have never gotten this published. That is if I get a chance to upload this..lol